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2012-2016, BFA in Metalsmithing & Jewelry

                   Massachusetts College of Art & Design


2016 - Auction Foundation Award

2015 - Book Award (departmental)

         - Windgate Scholarship

         - Demoulas Foundation Scholarship

         - Fern William's Scholarship, Peter's Valley

           School of Craft

2014 - Demoulas Foundation Scholarship

2013 - Studio Foundation Award

         - Demoulas Foundation Scholarship


2017 - Hobson House, apartment show at 24 Parkton

         - Staff Show, Jameson & Thomson & ADJ fine art framing.

         - Derby, Godine Gallery

         - Art of Movement,  Urbanity Dance

2016  - Then & Now, Student Life Gallery

         - Jewelry & Metalsmithing All School Show, MassArt’s DMC Gallery

         - Creative Counterpoints, MassArt’s Arnheim Gallery

         - Restored: Sustainable Art, MassArt’s Brant Gallery

         - 2015 Radical Jewelry Makeover, MassArt’s Arnheim Gallery

         - 67 Facets, SNAG Boston Gallery Crawl, MassArt’s Student Life Gallery

         - Jewelry & Metalsmithing All School Show, MassArt’s Arnheim Gallery

         - Brookline Library Show, Brookline Public Library, Brookline, MA

         - Alternate Realities, MassArt’s Student Life Gallery

2014 - Musical Instruments, MassArt’s Crackatorium Gallery

2013 - ReStore, MassArt’s Crackatorium Gallery


2017 - Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Undergrad Viewbook 2018, pg 72

2016 - "Cutting a Waterfall Mitre on the Tablesaw" Yoav Liberman, 2016



Born in Rotterdam, NL

Lives & works in Boston, MA


I am a Boston based artist, interested in playing with the scale of familiar textures and forms to create new objects. Currently, I am working on two tangential bodies of work exploring the the layered texture of roof shingles, using either linoleum - nostalgic of our kitchen floors - or the paint sticks created as a biproduct of my job as a finisher in a fine art framing shop. For these pieces, I laminate wood to carve as the inner form, and carefully nail "shingles" in one by one to create the finished surface. I am working on creating an object series related to this series of sculptural wall hangings, keep posted!